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Sightseeing Tours of York

Join us for a discovery tour of the secret splendours of York. Follow us  down hidden snickelways, past ancient ruins and to the stunning historic buildings that York is famous for. Your group will be taken on a journey through time and history with one of our vibrant and knowledgeable guides. We will show you the following:

Most sightseeing Tours Include

Magnificent St Mary’s Abbey – Now surrounded by the beautiful tranquil Museum Gardens the abbey was once described as the most beautiful church in England.

Rugged Roman Ruins – We will show you behind the stunning Roman Multangular Tower and Roman Walls. These are about 1800 years.

Roman stone Coffins – Pretty much empty now!!

York Minster – Exterior

Shambles – Narrow Medieval street.  Recently voted the most beautiful street in England.

The famous Medieval York Walls – We walk along the walkway on top of the medieval  walls, looking down into the beautiful gardens around the Minster.

Medieval stone Gateways – Known in York as Bars. They look very sinister and in Medieval times had heads of traitors placed on top.

Street of Stonegate – Once the Roman road, it is one of York’s most historic streets. It features medieval buildings and strange old carvings.

Snickelways – You will know them as alleyways or passageways. York has a secret highway network of them. They have bizarre names and history.

Churches – York had 52 churches in Medieval times and on almost every corner many still stand. They have stunning interiors and are a time capsule of history.

And much more……………………..

Stories that we can include – (time depending)

Viking King of York, Eric Bloodaxe.  He killed his five brothers with an axe!! Bloodaxe by name and by nature.

Saint Margaret Clitheroe – She was Martyred for hiding Catholic priests in her house. Margaret was pressed under a door with weights placed on top. Her mummified hand is still preserved in York.

Mad Alice of Mad Alice Lane.  Enough said!!

Roman Emperors who Visited York. – Murder, execution and power struggles.

Sir Thomas Percy – The headless Earl - He was beheaded near the Shambles for rebelling against Queen Elizabeth the 1st.  He is still seen looking for his head!!

And others too ………..

Most tours last about 1 ½ to 2 hours, although we can adjust the duration to your needs. We can if you wish stop for a coffee break half way around. The style of the tour can be tailored to your wishes.  Most groups want a light hearted ‘point & tell tour’. Others want a more in depth historic tour.

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